India Association of Kansas City (IAKC) is a non-profit volunteer organization that represents the people of Indian heritage in and around the greater Kansas City area – It works closely with various other organizations in the area representing different regions and cultures of India. It thrives to provide a common platform to enhance and foster the Indian heritage and build a sense of unity between Indian community and other Asian and American communities. IAKC provides information to people about the Indian community, and holds many events which are open to the public.

Events range from dance competitions, expo’s, concerts and many more things. Some yearly events that we put on for the community and the public are: Independence Day of India, Republic Day, India Nite, New Year Ball.

IAKC is governed by an Executive Team with support from Board of Trustees who contribute their personal time and energies toward the successful creation and growth of the organization. The team has diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds. Their dedication and contribution of time and expertise have laid a strong foundation in the growth of IAKC.

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It’s very essential for our YUVA members to indulge in community activities outside of school and gain experience that will help them grow into responsible adults. IAKC YUVA helps provide a platform towards that goal with its focus on the 3 C’s: Community, Caring and Creativity.

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The culture of India is the way of living of the India’s languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, and customs differ from place to place within the country. The Indian culture, often labeled as an amalgamation of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old. Many elements of India’s diverse cultures, such as Indian religions, yoga and Indian cuisine, have had a profound impact across the world.


Appeals are often used to bring in large amounts of money to support an organization’s programs and expand on new endeavors.Help IAKC to channel your funds for building a better and stronger Indian Community in Kansas City.


There can’t be an association without it’s members. Please join IAKC by becoming an annual or life member.



India Association of Kansas City – Presents  a wonderful opportunity to establish your presence in the Indian community.

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Help IAKC to channel your funds for building a better and stronger Indian Community in Kansas City.


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