Why join IAKC – YUVA?

It is very essential for our YUVA members to indulge in community activities outside of school and gain experience that will help them grow into responsible adults. IAKC YUVA helps provide a platform towards that goal with its focus on the 3 C’s: Community, Caring and Creativity


  • Provide a venue for youth to interact, socialize and  organize community service activities
  • Organize events focused around the needs of our youth.
  • Provide Opportunities to develop individual skills
    • Leadership
    • Planning and Organization
    • Become responsible and respectful members of our society
    • Connect with our Culture and Heritage
  • Interact with communities.
    • Participate in the events organized by other communities.
    • Interact with youth from other communities.
    • Visits to Old Age homes.
  • Organize fund raising activities (Helping poor kids back in India and/or people affected by natural disasters etc.)
  • Learn the spirit of giving back to the community
  • Provide volunteer opportunities at events organized within (IAKC and IAKC CARES) or outside of IAKC.


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