India Nite 2021 Participation rules

NOTE: Song Selection submission requests were closed on 31st July but we are keeping the window open for song registrations for some new choreographers in the area who want to participate in India Nite this year. Choreographers who have already submitted their songs are welcome to change their song selection if they want to. We will have this window open until August 15th. The song selection rules will remain the same ( mentioned below) 

India Nite 2021 will be held on 7th November 2021. This event is exclusively for IAKC members.

Rules for India Nite: 
  1. All participants have to be members of IAKC. Minimum age for participation is 5 years
  2. IAKC Membership Requirements –
    • All participants should be IAKC members for the calendar year 2021
    • This includes choreographers/coordinators and all members of the performing group
  3. All participants must purchase/renew membership via PAYPAL checkout (from the IAKC website).
  4. Performance duration is 4 mins.  However, if it is a large group of 10 or more participants, or a performance from a dance/music/theatre school, please contact Program Committee at regarding the duration of the performance. 
  5. No solo performances are allowed at India Nite. The minimum number of participants is 4. 
  6. Event registration will open Aug 9th 2021. Please go to our website to register.  Do reach out to us ASAP if you run into any issues while doing so. Send in your queries to . 
  7. Event registrations will close on Sept 15th 2021
  8. IAKC will provide participant bands and it is the responsibility of the choreographers to make sure all the participants in their groups have these bands at India Nite. NO replacement bands will be provided.
  9. The sequence of events will be released 48 hours before the event. Regardless of sequence, all choreographers and participants have to register and assemble backstage 30 mins (1:30pm) before the main event starts at 2:00pm. 
  10. Sequence changes will not be allowed unless under special circumstances and will be at the discretion of the India Nite organizing committee.  
  11. Participants have to be ready on “stage left” or “stage right” with your choreographer at-least 3 events prior to your event. If any part of your team is not present at your designated slot, your team will have to either perform at the designated slot or forfeit your performance.
  12. Any requests for specific time slots based on prior commitments need to be conveyed to the Program team by October 10th 2021
  13. Participants will not be allowed to perform in more than 1 act unless under special circumstances and at the discretion of the organizing committee.
  14. Special requests like lighting and stage dimensions will have to be provided by October 10th 2021
  15. Every group MUST have a representative backstage to help the Music Hall technician with the lighting cues. IAKC will NOT take on this responsibility. 
  16.  No videography or photography is allowed at the main level. There will be a designated area for videography at the upper level and cameras will not be allowed to remain in that area longer than the duration of your event. This is to ensure every act gets to use the vantage point for their own videography.
  17. Dressing room allocations will be provided along with program sequence by the program team 48hrs before the event.
  18. Markings on the stage will be done by the program team based on the details provided by the choreographers. No event specific markings will be allowed on the day of the event. 
  19. MCs will be announcing the name and brief description of every event before the event starts, allowing the time for any formations or setup before your act. If you need more than 45 seconds of setup time before the event, you need to let the Program team know by October 15th 2021 so adequate arrangements can be made in sequence to avoid any gaps.  
  20. Program Committee will provide a google drive link for choreographers to verify the final audio file prior to the event to ensure we have the right audio file.
  21. Choreographers will need to send in the names of their participants with the right spelling to the Program Committee by October 1st 2021 so that the participant trophies can be ordered. IAKC assumes no responsibility for misspelled names on the program brochure and/or trophies.
  22. All entries and any correspondence about India Nite should be emailed to
  23. The Program Committee’s decision is final and binding on all matters related to India Nite
  24. All participants, choreographers and audience will NEED to abide by the Music Hall Covid rules and regulations 
Please reach out to the Program Committee at if you have any questions.